Turbo Charge Your Affiliate Recruitment
after all, time is money
1. List Your Site/s
2. Add Keywords & Geo. Targets
3. Get Results

The Affiliate Recruitment Process


Using affiliates to enhance your online marketing goals seems like a no-brainer, as you are only paying the affiliates for specific actions taken by the customers they bring in. However finding and managing your affiliates is a labor intensive process. But! When you manage success affiliate program you can be sure that 50-70% from your online effort will run through this channel, more than any other channels. Cost per action or cost per sale can increase your marketing effort without cutting your online budget.

There for, as long as you keep recruit and manage new publisher to promote your online business, you can be sure that you will increase your online sales! With our 16 years of experience proprietary in-house tools we have got the recruitment process down to a science.

The Process

In order to recruit the best publishers for your affiliate program we had set for you the following stages:
  1. Your business: what are your business, products, and the most important, goals and targets?
  2. Who are your clients? What are they looking for regarding your products/ service? Can you set client's profiles?
  3. What are your added values for your clients?
  4. Tell us about your affiliate program: payout, geo, tracking software, merchant account at affiliate network.
  5. What are the benefits and added values for your clients?
  6. What are the added values for your new publishers? Why should they join your program?

We start with a discovery phase, where we gather information about your business, which affiliate system/s you already have set up. We also look at your creatives, tools and promotions that affiliates can use. If needed, we then suggest additional items for you to add to your programs. So please have all of this information ready for review.

At that point we look at the niche and any specific keywords that you as the client know about/can recommend to start finding relevant sites. Sometimes there are niche specific keywords that people outside the niche may not think of, so that’s why we ask for that. Using various tools we expand that list of keywords to find other relevant ones. We then send that updated list to you for final approval.

Based on the approved keyword list we start scouring the web for relevant web sites and begin the contact process. The contact process can be either a “quick” approach where we contact the site once and that’s it, or send up a follow-up contact a few weeks later as per your preference.

As affiliates show interest their info is either sent back to the client or a template email can be sent instructing the affiliate on the signup process.

Every affiliate has his goals/targets/unique visitors and promotion tools to promote your affiliate program.

As long as you recruit more publishers and manage them your online effort will increase!.

We can help you manage your program with our affiliate agency service.