Turbo Charge Your Affiliate Recruitment
after all, time is money
1. List Your Site/s
2. Add Keywords & Geo. Targets
3. Get Results

Speed up your Affiliate Recruitment Process

Using affiliates to enhance your online marketing goals seems like a no-brainer, as you are only paying the affiliates for specific actions taken by the customers they bring in. However finding and managing your affiliates is a labor intensive process. But! When you manage success affiliate program you can be sure that 50-70% from your online effort will run through this channel, more than any other channels. Cost per action or cost per sale can increase your marketing effort without cutting your online budget.

Membership in the Affiliate Recruiter (affrec.com) give you quick access to manage affiliate recruitment campaigns by:
  • Website
  • Geographic Region
  • Keywords

So you can manage the recruitment for different regions using different keywords. In addition to the tools mentioned above our packages also include varying amounts of potential affiliates that the system will find for you.

*65 Affiliates

$0.47 per affiliate


*85 Affiliates

$0.47 per affiliate



*250 Affiliates

Less than $0.40
per affiliate!


*130 Affiliates

$0.46 per affiliate


*180 Affiliates

$0.44 per affiliate


* - Number of affiliate per month refers to the maximum number of potential partner websites the system will find you in a given calender month. Some geographic/keyword combinations may restrict the number of actual partners the system can find. Regardless of your package you will have full access to all the tools in the back end to organize and contact your potential affiliates.